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  certe jeans is the new style name for our CERTIFIED jeans. They're available for Men and Women and are made of 100% organic cotton (except trim and pocketing), better for the world and for you.  


  certe jeans by CERTIFIED jeans are made in the USA under US labor laws in Texas by our sewing partner which is a small family run sewing facility that has been making our jeans for over 10 years.


   All jeans are priced at $138 and available by mail order only. We have a complete return policy although jeans that have been washed will be assesed a 25% charge on return.

     certe jeans are made from 100% organic cotton (except trim and pocketing) grown without chemicals.


     Numerous studies document that toxic chemicals used in conventional cotton production cause ecological damage and are responsible for the decline and mortality of birds and other wildlife in treated areas.


      Agricultural workers are also exposed and subjected to these chemicals while working in these fields, and groundwater is contaminated in these areas.


      certe jeans are not sold in suburban malls.


      Suburban shopping malls are a primary generator of residential and commercial sprawl and often are responsible for losses of wetlands, natural habitat and agricultural land.



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